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The CRANE Davit was launched at the 1998 London Boat Show following years of design and development. At its introduction at METS International Trade Show in Amsterdam, it was awarded the coveted ‘DAME’ award for design and innovation.

Designed to compliment the modern yacht or powerboat, the CRANE davit is manufactured in Kevlar reinforced epoxy resin producing a chassis of tremendous strength for relatively light weight.


Successfully tested up to four times its designed load weight, the CRANE davit is finished in white as standard with colour options to order.

The custom-built winch uses non-slip epicyclical gearing which requires no brakes or ratchets - thus avoiding crash falls and damaged knuckles and is designed for single handed operation.

A 35mm webbing lifting strop for loads up to 150 kilos is supplied as standard, with a double purchase option, which includes a special sheave and longer webbing for loads up to 250 kilos.


A standard winch handle is used to operate the davit and should be removed when not in use.

Fitting could not be easier. The cast alloy deck fitting is simply bolted to the deck and the davit secured with 2 stainless steel cross pins leaving a clean finish with no bolts visible. Covers for the deck fittings are available when the davits are removed.

When dinghies or ribs are secured, an extendable arm steadies the outboard side when fully hoisted. For additional security or rough weather passages, dinghies can be secured to U-bolts mounted under the beams.

The standard CRANE Davits has an under beam clearance of 750mm and a pair of davits weighs just 26 kilos. Improved production methods for both chassis and winches have provided increased load bearing capacity - now up to SWL 250kilos with the double lift.
 Totally new concept and design.
 Immensely strong and durable.
 One piece moulding - less than half the weight of a conventional stainless steel davit.
 Can be finished in any colour to match your boat.
 Unique fixing system - no obtrusive bolts showing.
 Single handed operation with non-slip epicyclical gearing.
 Designed to handle 3.5m Rib or similar.
Models and Sizes
Pair Crane Davits  - swl 200kilos 
single lift on both chassis

Pair Crane Davits  - swl 250kilos 
single lift on one chassis and double lift on the other

Pair Crane Davits  - swl 250kilos 
double lift on both chassis

Pair Crane Davits  - swl 250kilos 
electrical remote control - 12v.

Pair Crane Davits  - swl 250kilos 
electrical remote control - 24v.

All SWL are per davit.
Model 2500 has a safe working load of 200 
kilos on the single lift chassis with a SWL of 
250 kilos on the double lift chassis.

Deck Fitting Details

Length = 1470mm
Height = 845mm
Foot = 290mm
Weight per dvit = 12.5kg

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